What makes NHD powerful and how can you harness its power?

We've all wondered how that would look,

and I bet these thoughts are familiar, too.

I want to teach content AND historical inquiry skills.

I never seem to know what makes an effective NHD project.

I worry that not all my students are ready for the challenge of NHD.

I want to use the rubric to guide student learning and assessment.

I love NHD, but it consumes every spare minute.

No matter how much I plan, I still feel like my students are rushed with NHD.

What is NHD Bootcamp?

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


What is NHD Bootcamp?

No stress, no fluff! This course is simple, effective, and fun…especially for teachers who would rather do history than talk about it.

Completely customizable to YOUR situation and classroom.

Engaging videos and hands-on workouts will walk you through the exact steps needed to whip your History Day curriculum into shape.

Get “secret sauce” coaching tips, assessment principles, and balanced approaches to NHD, all in one place!

Join the hundreds of teachers who have accomplished authentic inquiry in their classrooms.

Works anywhere in the world. All you need is a screen

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NHD Bootcamp:

Strategies for Teaching Historical Inquiry

in the Online Classroom 

Ready to Join Us? First Cohort begins on August 24th.

Facilitator: Whitney Olson, Co Coordinator, NHD-CA

Nine Asynchronous Modules

Two Live Q&As with NHD Experts

Network  via a Private FB Group

Earn 2 CEUs from Sonoma State University

Pricing for Individuals, Teacher Teams, & COEs